Welcome to the NANAS syllabus archive! Here you will find examples of what it looks like to teach age studies from diverse locations within the academy. Should you choose to borrow from these syllabi, please credit the author for hir ideas.

We invite submissions of syllabi for courses that feature age/ing as an overarching theme and that incorporate some meaning-based approaches to the study of aging and later life. Interdisciplinary course syllabi are especially welcome. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to submit a syllabus.

Brady- Aging and Life Review (2006)

Brady- Aging Death and Bereavement (2005)

Brady- Gerontology for Educators (2006)

Cole- Humanities and Aging (2003)

de Medeiros- Gender and Aging (2013)

Donley & Kohn- Literature and Aging (2001)

Donley & Kohn- Literature and Aging (2007)

Friedenfels- Sociology of Aging (2009)

Hively & Jacobson- Educating Learners in Mid-Life and Beyond (2007)

Hively & Jacobson- Educating Learners in Mid-Life and Beyond Bibliography (2006)

Holstein- Aging Values and Decision-making (2008)

Katz- Aging and the Life Course (2008)

Lamb- Aging, Sex and the Body (2013)

Lamb- Feminist Science Studies and Aging (2006)

Lamb- Forever Young (2005)

Looser- Stages and Transitions in Women’s Lives (1999)

Luke- Old Age in Literature and Film (2008)

Mangum- Changing Concepts of Women: The Art of Aging (2003)

Martin- Old Age in Early Modern England (2017)

Pezzulich- Youth and Aging in Literature (2000)

Ray- Coming-of-Age Narratives (2006)

Savishinsky- Aging and Culture (2006)

Woodward- AGE: The Missing Category in Cultural Studies (2008)

Law course, Legal Information Institute at Cornell, Peter Martin

National Institute on Aging Curriculum

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